Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Day the Angels Came

The Day the Angels Came
a grandpa's prayer and poem for Kyrie Dawn

Wednesday, April 4, the day we heard of the explosive growth of the tumors

Alas! O, Lord what is it that I hear?
Is it Your angels coming for our Kyrie Dawn?
O, please Lord, keep them at bay--
If just for one more day.

Thursday, April 5, Holy Thursday

O, Lord, what is this I hear?
Is it that You need another little angel to be near?
O, please Lord, please Lord, don't take our Kyrie dear.
Could You please keep Your angels away,
and we could have her just one more day?

Friday, April 6, Good Friday

O, precious, sweet Jesus, is this the day?
No, no, dear Lord, not today--
This is Your day that You died to save.
Again, please Dear God, let us be selfish
and keep sweet Kyrie another day.

Saturday, April 7, Holy Saturday Easter Vigil

Thank you dear God in heaven
for yet another precious day--
For we all know things will be done your way.
Little Kyrie Dawn is fighting so very hard--
Yesterday she three her ball three times
till her tiny arm got tired.

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
To whom God's love entrusts her here,
Ever this day be at her side
To light, to guard, to rule to guide. Amen.

Sunday, April 8, Easter Sunday

Dear God in Heaven, Your angels came last night,
As we all knew that someday they might.
They came around the hour of seven
to take our precious one to her
special place in heaven.
Sweet Jesus, we know that you, too, love the little ones,
so to You we give You our little Kyrie Dawn--
And in the end, it is always Your will that will be done.



originally published April 7, 2007

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I've been grateful for this before, but today I'm immensely grateful for time. Whether it's fast or slow, the time to experience this crazy thing called life is alway remarkable.

It's this time of year that I am most aware of time, especially time that has past. In some ways I'm proud of this time, what loss built in the last five years for families everywhere. Moreover, I'm awash again in questions and grace-filled sorrow. I still look at Jordan and Lacie's photos of Kyrie and weep. Then I start wondering "what if" ... and that never helps.

I look around at the friends that continue to stand by the cause and am grateful anew for their unconditional giving. Such a beautiful thing.

I think of this time five years ago, and I still feel the shreds of confused anger.

I look at Kyrie's brothers, and they make me giggle so much.

I meet new people who want to help raise awareness for the foundation, and I'm a puddle of gratitude.

Most of all, this time as taught me to remind myself to "work it for good." That's one of the big gifts from the last five years. Whatever this situation, the misunderstanding, the question, I know that His time works it all for good.

Easter is nearly upon us. And while I will sit amidst another year of little girls in frill dresses, I will know that Easter makes it possible for all of us to be together again. This is not the end.

After all, it's not about how much time you have; it's about how you use it, right?

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, April 2, 2012

What a krop!

Wow!!! What another great year for all our Kyrie Foundation kroppers! So much fun, food and friendship, and all in the name of saving children's brains from cancer!!

HUGE thanks to our volunteers who were instrumental in pulling together and making it all happen. From the planning to the set-up, from the donations to the tear-down, it was the effort from a great group of people to host this event in a way that's meaningful to our guests and to the foundation.

Christy and Melissa did a great job spearheading the coordination of the event, managing all the registrants and vendors, pulling in donations, shoppin and organizing not one but TWO meals of delish vittles—thank you, thank you!! Thanks Cara and Scrappin' Boot Camp for helping us get the ladies registered and printing the shirts. Big thanks Chaney, Angela and Madison for being our sous chefs! More thanks to Melissa, Donna and even more volunteers for making BEAUTIFUL desserts and to Terry for her famous baked beans! Nana Norma was a big hit again with her mid-afternoon cookies--HUGE thanks! Thank you to Donna and Amy for adding perspective with the beautiful story of Donna's handmade blankets. Thank you to Amanda for easing those scrapping ache with her marvelous massage therapy. Thanks to Shawna for creating another fun logo for this year's event. Thanks to Chad, Jordan, Danny, Flynn and Jayce for set-up muscles and to Chad, Jordan, Danny, Madison,Wendy and Susan (who drove from St. Louis!) for all the tear-down support. Thanks to Lacie & Amy for womaning our foundation table and for being positive spirit for the foundation. Thanks to Audrey for helping put the goodie bags together. Another round of thanks to Justin McClure TV for creating our fantastic PSA to show at events like this. Thanks to Gary for the drop-off, late-night pick-up and storage of our tables and supplies.

Our vendors really make the event special, too! Thank you to Jewelry by TLC, Thirty One, Tupperware, Scrappin' Boot Camp, Scentsy, Stampin' Up and Creative Memories for being there with us on Saturday!

MASSIVE gratitude to Pig In Pig Out barbecue for donating pulled pork and turkey for our dinner and to McAllister's Deli for helping us with a delicious lunch!

Of course, the event itself wouldn't be possible in this location without the generosity of Family Church. Thank you, Dustin, for always being there with answers! Another round of applause for Scrap FunAttic and Scrappin' Time for helping us this year with a fantastic prizes!

It was another amazing year to host this event, five years of support from our volunteers, donors and patrons. Incredible and thrilling to band together for such a momentous cause. I know that Christy & Melissa are looking for volunteers to help them plan for 2013. Interested? Send an email to!

A scrappin' good time!

Our Thirty One ladies.

Our Stampin' Up ladies.

Our Creative Memories/Cricut lady.

The awesome volunteers that kept everyone fed!

An amazing group of women (and Chad) celebrated their sisterhood by spending the day at the krop!

Our Jewelry by TLC ladies.

Amazing Donna's story is so powerful. We love what she is doing for families on behalf of the foundation.

It was a full house on Saturday.

The Oh, My Goodness! Garage Sale

All that was left of Nana Norma's cookies!

Working out the knots for the cause!

Fun classes from Stampin' Up!

Danny donated his time, talent and treasure to create beautiful metal art for the silent auction!


Our professional look.

Our real look.

BEAUTIFUL desserts, right?

Our 2012 grand prize winner!

Congratulations, Teresa!