Thursday, February 6, 2014

10 Ways You Can Help

Hello blog, old friend. It’s been so long!

Yes, yes, it has. And why is that? Well, …

1. Facebook is where everybody gets the latest, because who has time to read more than a status update these days??

2. We’ve been busy. Busy working with a skeleton crew to do big and real things to put up roadblocks for this beasty cancer.

However, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been thinking deep thoughts and wanting to share.

We are in the season that grips me personally each year. And this year in particular, at this time, I am acutely aware of children’s brain cancer. More on that in a later post.

The last 365 days have connected us to so many blessed little souls through Amazing Donna’s work with the Blanket Outreach Program. She contacts families with children fighting cancer, learns a bit about them and then handcrafts a blanket with their name and the foundation butterfly embroidered in the design. Each blanket is soft, warm, filled with love and prayers.

She talks with every family.
She makes every blanket.
She follows every story.

I’m sure you’ve seen the Facebook posts or maybe someone sends and email, alerting you to the need for prayers because a baby/a toddler/a kid/a teenager is fighting cancer. And maybe you “like” it. Maybe you even “share” it. But maybe it’s too tragic to read or share. Or maybe it’s too much of a downer. Maybe it’s too redundant (which is a tragedy unto itself!).

My challenge to you this year is to do something.

Why? Because: These. Children. Are. Dying.

Amazing Donna can’t do this alone. I can’t do this alone. The moms and dads praying over their children cannot make the cure appear alone.

If you do anything this year—anything—can you PLEASE help these kids?

Need some ideas? Here are some specific ways you can help us this year.

1. Offer to help tie blankets for Amazing Donna.
2. Offer to wrangle toys and giftcards for Easter Bunny/Eggbert or Frosty/Elf Rita.
3. Offer to volunteer to help with the Twilight Walk in September.
4. Offer to be on our board.
5. Offer to send emails for the foundation to reach new sponsors.
6. Offer the Kyrie Foundation to your business as a beneficiary of a corporate fundraising event.
7. Offer to organize a fundraising event.
8. Offer to be a Facebook megaphone for the foundation’s posts.
9. Offer to hold a little fundraiser to help offset the costs of Amazing Donna’s blankets.
10. Offer to organize a Twilight Walk team and talk it up this summer.

There are a million different ways we spend our time. I’m just hoping you can help encourage your friends to swap an hour of reality TV for an hour of helping send emails, pick up donations and raise the voices of these kids. Here's to a loud 2014!!!!!