Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is why you should come to the Twilight Walk.

Written by Jordan, April 2007

Oh, God, where do I even start.

Kyrie is such a blessing to our lives, though we only her for such a short amount of time I am forever touched and changed having been her father.  Even through all this pain, I still thank God for every moment I was allowed to be with her.  Lacie and I really believe that every day is a gift.  Lacie lay with Kyrie last night sleeping on “Dog” with her, watching as she struggled to breathe.  We watched Kyrie until our eyes wouldn’t allow us do it any longer.  With every short breath, we wondered if it would be her last.
            I can’t even describe the pain we feel right now deep in our hearts.  Being her “Dadda” has forever changed me.  Her little life has touched us both in ways only a parent would understand.  As we spent the early morning talking last night, we remembered all the special times we shared with Kyrie.  Kyrie use to make it a game to sneak under the counter and pull Daddy’s toe hairs while I would try to eat at the counter.  I would let out a little squeal, and it would make her laugh so hard.  Or the many mornings I would wake up to a little set of fingers pinching Daddy’s “ouchy." Well she quickly learned that Daddy’s ouches were “boo-boos."  Lacie thought it was the funniest thing how I would wake from a deep sleep to her pinching, and they would both giggle. 
            There are so many precious moments that we shared with her, and I can truly say I don’t regret any time we had with her.  From the time Kyrie was born, she was our entire life.  Lacie and I both wanted to spend every moment we could with her.  I would hurry home from work to play with her, and even got in trouble a few times for getting her wound up.  Once Kyrie started walking it wasn’t long before she began running.  Every where she went, Kyrie would run.  And it was so cute to watch her run behind me every where I went.  Run, half hop—it was adorable.  Since Kyrie’s first surgery she hasn’t walked or even crawled. 
            When the time comes for her to leave us, I believe she will be running to God, and He will accept her with wide open arms and show her the love that Lacie and I have for the last 19 months.

There are soooo many things Kyrie didn’t get to do.  Like lose her first tooth, or skin her knee learning to ride a bike, prom, children of her own.  Life just isn’t fair.  My heart is so heavy, I cannot write any more at this time.

Thank you to all who have been praying for Kyrie, and to those who have left comments for our family.  It has really lifted us up knowing that so many people care and have been touched by Kyrie’s little life.  


And this kind of story is being felt by nearly a dozen families each and every day in the U.S. because of pediatric brain cancer—the #1 cancer-killer of children. This is why we do what we do. Please join us September 15! http://kyriefoundation.dojiggy.com

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Sponsor-style

We are SO INCREDIBLY grateful once again as we work to plan the 5th annual Twilight Walk!!! Every year is a simply a leap of faith: Will we be able to pull this off? Will people help? Will people come? Will people care?

And each year as the event gets closer and closer, and stress builds and builds, there are plenty of moments that completely bowl us over. Today we are acknowledging a special group of do-gooders—the sponsors. These businesses, these people who said yes, make the impossible possible. They are the ones in the community who deserve your business because they are so much more than "just business."

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to those who have generously stepped up to support the Kyrie Foundation 2012 Twilight Walk!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Still so thankful to JustinMcClureTV and all of our friends & family for helping put this message together. So .... are you registered yet, friends????? Share the link! Share the love!!!!

REGISTER HERE: http://kyriefoundation.dojiggy.com/