Monday, September 1, 2014


Happy ninth birthday, sweet Kyrie! Oh, how can the years stack up so quickly??

Just because you're in heaven, doesn't mean that your parents don't reminisce about the day you were born. The excitement. The anticipation. The gratitude. What a perfectly packaged little angel you were! You packed in so much love during the short time you were here. Not quite enough, though, to make the ache go away.

And that's the thing. People like to assume that the adage is true, that time heals all wounds. It doesn't. What time does give you, though, is perspective. Time grows faith. Time gives you new friends to help pick you up. Time wears calluses around your tear ducts. And ironically, for spiritual people, the more time passes, the closer we actually get to mending our broken hearts.

So that is the gift for today and every day, really. What seems like one step farther is really one step closer.

We love and miss you dearly, little Kyrie, and we'll do our best to get as many people to celebrate your purpose this month. xoxoxoxo