Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm really thankful for people who go the extra mile. A mile is 5,280 feet, which means 5,280 extra steps. So when I think about standing still, these people go 5,280 times further than the person who doesn't move. Amazing.

I'm also thankful about how those mile-walkers pick up the pace; they pick up people along the way, too. Kind of like a spiritual rickshaw. ;) At a good clip, you can walk a mile in 20 minutes. The extra mile, however, usually consumes hours, days of time, energy and gumption. Even if you're a rickshaw loaded with peeps, it still takes longer than anyone ever recognizes because really there's only one rickshaw driver pedaling.

What's most curious about the extra mile is that the distance is usually covered alone and even though there may be an award at the end or a finish line goal, the steps are usually solo at your computer sending emails, on the phone asking about an idea, buying fleece for blankets, beading crystals, designing a logo, loading the car full of goodies for the hospital, sending the thank you notes, giving a presentation, loading tables, picking up donations, etc., etc., etc.

We are so grateful to be surrounded by extra milers, more like marathon milers!!

What are you thankful for today?

Hope to see you at the krop on Saturday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday

So .... if you're a creative type or even a wanna-be creative type, I'm hoping that you're thankful today for the big Kyrie Foundation Krop later this month!

Are you signed up? Have you passed it on to pals? Just a few more seats left!! Contact Christy Freeman if you have questions or if you want to be one of our special vendors.

Today I'm thankful for awareness. We talk a lot about achieving more awareness for the cause, but I'm also thankful for heightened awareness of gratitude, existence, connection. Kind of like what this video conveys. I'm a personal fan of TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), ideas worth spreading.

What are you thankful for today?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Help the Easter Bunny & Eggbert!

While you're out and about this weekend, could you mind help out the Easter Bunny with a $10 gift card? Many times, something like this has brought parents to tears. Small good always works for big good.

Helloooooo Good Eggs!

Only 4 weeks from today…
and the Easter Bunny & Eggbert the Easter Egg will be "hoppin' & rollin'" down the halls at the Wesley Hospital Pediatric & PICU Floor!

That's right…on Good Friday (04/06) we will be delivering Easter Goodies to the kiddos stuck in the hospital over Easter Weekend…our 6th year in a row.  :-)

All done in memory of Kyrie Dawn Thome.

We were soooooo overwhelmed with the generosity of soooooo many people this past Christmas! toys!  Toys!!  & more TOYS!!! So many in fact, that we have LOTS left to hand out for our Easter trip.

What we are lacking though is:  CASH

Cash that is donated is used for:
McDonalds Gift Cards - QuikTrip Gas Cards…for the parents (parents/guardians get a $10.00 food card and a $20.00 gas card to help em' out.)  & Misc. Gift Cards…for those hard-to-buy-for-teens

We also need cash for our last minute purchases,
when we are short on specific age and/or gender items.

31 children and families benefited from the kindness of others, during our Christmas visit.  (12/23/2011) Our families.  Our co-workers.  Our friends. Heart of America Choir concert-goers.  Even strangers. ALL kinds of good-deed-doers pitched in!

We would like to make THIS visit just as successful!

If you would you like to donate, please make your check out to:

        Susan Jae Eckel
      3738 S. Dugan
      Wichita, KS  67215

We MUST have all donations BY:  March 30, 2012.

Thanks so very much for your consideration.
Wishing you an EGG-ceptional Easter!
  Go Kyrie, Go!
Susan Jae  &  Rita
"E.B."  &  "Eggbert"

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for perspective. Whether it's the big things or little things that come across our days, it's imperative that we recognize the difference between the two. And when we don't, can't or won't, well, that's where we lose balance, lose control and lose face.

I'm thankful that maturity brings perspective. I'm thankful that experiences and compassion bring perspective. I'm most thankful that humility or those "humble in spirit" bring perspective, because as much as we think we've got it all figured out about a situation, we don't. Isn't this where all sit-com plots start? ;) And for as anguishing as major loss or life-altering pain is, the fruit of that experience, if allowed, brings great perspective. You suddenly realize what's important and what isn't. What is fact and what is mood. What is Him and what is you.

What are you thankful for today?