Friday, March 9, 2012

Help the Easter Bunny & Eggbert!

While you're out and about this weekend, could you mind help out the Easter Bunny with a $10 gift card? Many times, something like this has brought parents to tears. Small good always works for big good.

Helloooooo Good Eggs!

Only 4 weeks from today…
and the Easter Bunny & Eggbert the Easter Egg will be "hoppin' & rollin'" down the halls at the Wesley Hospital Pediatric & PICU Floor!

That's right…on Good Friday (04/06) we will be delivering Easter Goodies to the kiddos stuck in the hospital over Easter Weekend…our 6th year in a row.  :-)

All done in memory of Kyrie Dawn Thome.

We were soooooo overwhelmed with the generosity of soooooo many people this past Christmas! toys!  Toys!!  & more TOYS!!! So many in fact, that we have LOTS left to hand out for our Easter trip.

What we are lacking though is:  CASH

Cash that is donated is used for:
McDonalds Gift Cards - QuikTrip Gas Cards…for the parents (parents/guardians get a $10.00 food card and a $20.00 gas card to help em' out.)  & Misc. Gift Cards…for those hard-to-buy-for-teens

We also need cash for our last minute purchases,
when we are short on specific age and/or gender items.

31 children and families benefited from the kindness of others, during our Christmas visit.  (12/23/2011) Our families.  Our co-workers.  Our friends. Heart of America Choir concert-goers.  Even strangers. ALL kinds of good-deed-doers pitched in!

We would like to make THIS visit just as successful!

If you would you like to donate, please make your check out to:

        Susan Jae Eckel
      3738 S. Dugan
      Wichita, KS  67215

We MUST have all donations BY:  March 30, 2012.

Thanks so very much for your consideration.
Wishing you an EGG-ceptional Easter!
  Go Kyrie, Go!
Susan Jae  &  Rita
"E.B."  &  "Eggbert"

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