Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lighting the way.

Perhaps more than any other seasonal irritant, cynicism/rudeness and all-around retail snarfism taints the wonder of the weeks to come. Even within our own homes, we are short with each other as the pressure cooker of demand heats. We understand the greater sense but how quickly we lose sight at the smallest slight.

Whereas November was our month to personify the Kyrie Foundation's attitude of gratitude, December is our month to embody the Do Good portion of our mission. And as Susan mentioned in her musing, small good can become mammoth good in half a wink. What if you could think of something small to do this week that could make a big impact? What if you just took a breath before getting upset? What if you said a prayer for somebody you really didn't want to pray for? ;) What if you could just let go of something? Or just hang on to something you truly believe in? What if you could love more, love better?

As the days are getting darker, let's be lights this week to those who need some illumination.

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Chad E. said...

Kyrie has obviously left a big impression on all of us, which, in turn, gives us a responsibility to do good in her name. Whether it be holding a door open for someone, helping The Kyrie Foundation, or simply saying hello to someone, we can all do something every single day. If we hold true to this responsibility, great things are on the horizon.