Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Straight from the bunny.

I love this. Thank you, Susan, yet again for pulling our family and dozens of other families through another difficult time through you cheerful, unconditional, amazing, creative generosity.

Well, I've been pondering on how to share our Good Friday experience ...

Friday, April 10, 2009 was our 3rd Easter trip to Wesley Hospital Pediatric Floor and PICU, in memory AND in honor of Kyrie Dawn Thome. The "Easter Bunny" was lucky enough to round up 7 excellent helpers (Thank YOU...Dad, Rox, Shonda, Jess, and Kristi!!) The helpers pulled two FILLED wagons and carried four STUFFED duffle bags around the halls from room to room.
At every stop each would look in their assigned wagon/bag, and sort, and pick and decide on the "perfect" items for each special patient.

Great thought was put into whether this 3-year-old boy would like the dump truck or the car that could change into 8 different styles. Or whether that 10-year-old girl would enjoy a color book and crayons or rather a craft kit to help her pass the time. A boy's room? Then let's find the right color/style of homemade blanket for this little guy. (Thank YOU Kathleen's mom & grandma for the blankets!) A teenage girl? The fuzzy High School Musical blanket is perfect for her. We are not just a "grab-and-go" operation, ya know!!

The Easter Bunny's highly trained assistants (5 minutes in the parking garage) could not have done a better job of putting careful thought AND love into their work. But you see, we were not just being judged by the little ones we were visiting, but we also had 2 very special guests with us. Kyrie's parents, Lacie & Jordan, blessed us for the very first time with their presence on this trip. I know the Easter Bunny soooooo wanted to be able to let them see just what an incredible experience and happening takes place when we visit the kids of Wesley...all becauseof their little Kyrie.

I hope they know that the Easter Bunny realized what a rough week it had been for these young parents, just 2 years since they lost Kyrie, but truly wished that the sadness wouldn't outweigh the goodness that takes place in just two short hours every year on Good Friday.

The Easter Bunny knows what $955.00 can buy for these sick kids stuck in a hospital: toys, books, crafts, stuffed bunnies, blankets, crayons, trucks, balls, princess dolls, games, play-dough, cards, markers, stickers, activity books, paints, slinkies.
And for their parents and families: Quik-Trip gas cards, gift cards to McDonalds, Applebee's, & Spangles. But the Easter Bunny hopes that Jordan & Lacie AND her helpers saw past the price tags and "things", and could actually see the JOY that THEY helped bring to these kids and their families.

It's the PEOPLE and their INTENTIONS and the many ACTS OF KINDNESS! Those are the things that stay with me, and I have a feeling will stay with all who were with the Easter Bunny on Good Friday.

27 children. 23 days old, up to 17 years old.

Mommies, Daddies, Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters,
Cousins, Friends.

All huddled in tiny rooms, surrounding a sick child.

Some there for a minor accident, being released sometime soon. Others with a life-threatening illness, back in for yet another hospital stay. How one look on a parents face can hold so many emotions all at one time? Love, fear, worry, concern, exhaustion, frustration, hope and...gratitude.

Every single parent that we saw, while visiting their child showed gratitude. Sometimes even a look of amazement along with it.
But I get that. I am always AMAZED how many of our family and friends and coworkers want to help out with our little projects.
Toy donations, money, volunteering their time, stepping in as Eggbert at the last minute (thank you Rox!)...ALL of that!
So I can see why a stranger would be amazed. And I can also see why they are grateful. Trust me, I get that too.

So to all of my "GOOD EGGS" out there... The Easter Bunny holds a very special place for you in my "basket."

And to Lacie & Jordan....Thank YOU for sharing your Kyrie with us.
It doesn't take big bunny ears to have heard the chant of "Go, Kyrie, Go!" loud and clear!

Susan Jae

PS: Be ready...Frosty & Elf Rita will need you in just 8 months!! :-)

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