Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another do good idea!

So this weekend a cousin of mine hosted one of those Premier Jewelry in-home parties. This one, however, was a stroke of genius, I think. She had arranged with the sales representative for 10% of the party's proceeds to be donated to The Kyrie Foundation! Brilliant, eh? It gets better.

Her company has a charitable program that matches the donations to certain organizations. The Kyrie Foundation is one of those organizations! So she just doubled the donation from the party! Wait--it gets better.

I was lucky enough to meet several new people who didn't know who we were or what we're trying to do. So I was able to tell Kyrie's story and the story of all of you who support our events, the blog, the tee shirts, etc. They all agreed that the work was important, and nearly everyone expressed interest in supporting us in some way. Hold on--it gets even better.

My cousin planned for this to be a brunch-y get-together. She made a fantastic breakfast casserole and quiche Florentine. Guess where she found the recipes? From The Kyrie Foundation cookbook!!! Can you believe that?!

This was such a thoughtful way to host one of these kinds of parties; I'm just beside myself. ;)

Thank you, Clareen! You're amazing. And thank you to all who were there Saturday morning. Your incredible support lifts us up and carries us forward in this fight!

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