Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday, indeed.

We hope you had a chance to include an extra child or two in your Easter plans this year. Here's our pre-visit inventory report from our beloved Easter Bunny who is ready to make her big trip to Wesley PICU tonight!!

This Easter Basket is full of goodies from a neighbor of Jordan & Lacie's. Their Sunday School Class contributed ... Sweeeeeeet!!

31 stuffed bunnies!
16 blue for boys - 15 pink for girls

Grandpa Thome's donation always helps purchase the stuffed bunnies that the Easter Bunny give to each child! A special contribution that is so appreciated!!

As of Wednesday ... 21 of the 31 children on the Wesley Pediatric Floor were 3 years old and under! Sooooo...LOTS of "baby"/"little-one" items this trip!!

Lots of PINK for the little girls we'll visit ... we always have a Princess or two!

Can't go wrong for the boys with cars and trucks and water balloon and army men and darts and....

How boring to be stuck in a hospital bed...
Games! Games!! and more Games!!!
This will keep em' busy!!!!

Always POPULAR ... things TO DO!!

Craft Kits - Stickers - Color Books
Crayons - Markers - Paint Sets -
Activity Books - Puzzles
Sidewalk Chalk - Card Games


Kathleen's mom & grandma come through again ... more homemade blankets stitched with love!

Ben Hopper...K-State Student Union Program Advisor!
Thanks for the KSU t-shirts & puzzles!!

A little of this and a little of that...
ALL add up to an awesome collection of donations!!
Something for everyone...
thanks to 28 friends & family who
oh-so-generously donated items - money - giftcards!!!

A BIG Bunny Hug for everyone!!!!

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amynelsonmom said...

That is just Awesome. So good...Go Kyrie Go!!!