Friday, May 21, 2010

Last day to VOTE + request + update.

Okay, it's the very last day to vote for  
The Kyrie Foundation's Dillon's bag design!
Just click here. You don't need to sign up or anything. Takes 10 seconds!

And ... we have another prayer request that hits close to home. Remember Kathi? Remember how she generously gave us her birthday? Can you believe that? Well, Kathi's little nephew Elliot in Nebraska has been diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor. So if you can spare a prayer, this family would really appreciate it.

From Kathi:

Elliott was born with Spina Bifida (sp?) and has had MANY surgeries already during his young life, and that was before the cancer diagnosis.  He is an amazing little boy with his positive spirit and endurance. This family has gone through so much more than any one family should have to endure, yet they are taking this all in such a positive manner. I know they would appreciate all the support and prayers.

You can follow his story on Facebook. If you're in Lincoln, NE, there is a carnival fundraiser for him this weekend. Pass it on!

A couple of you asked how the Goddard family is doing in the days since the big fundraiser. Here is a brief report from our friend Jamie:

They’re doing well.  Still lots of days of missing Roger, of course.

Maryanne’s pathology report, unfortunately, showed the tumor was malignant.  She has to wait for her head to heal up completely from her last surgery before they will start the chemo/radiation radiation treatment.  I know that she has an appointment with her oncologist this afternoon, so she’ll likely find out more soon.

The younger kids have all finished school for the year and the I think the older girls finish this week too.  They are looking forward to some family time and have a few fun things on tap for the summer.

For a variety of reasons, the house situation isn’t going to work out and so Maryanne is currently looking for something else.  Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot that fits their needs/is big enough (considering it’s her and 6 kids) in the area where she wants to stay.  They may have to rent or something for a while until a home becomes available.  She’s currently looking into several options.  

Get ready for next week, too. Lotsa stuff to talk about!

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