Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Prayers please.

If you were at the 2010 Twilight Walk or the Metamorphosis 2010, you would have seen the video that included little Lucy Weber's story, her battle with a malignant brain tumor. Hers is a story of true herosim in a tiny little body. She celebrated her first birthday in the operating room and overcame so many medical procedures, obstacles and treatments. A trooper through and through.

On Saturday, Lucy received her wings.

Her family could really use your prayers and support. Services are this evening in Lenexa, but if you feel inclined to send up a purple balloon, her parents are asking those who do to post their photos on their Facebook page.

For all of us with The Kyrie Foundation, we know this. We feel this. We're in a puddle for this family. Lucy is precisely the reason why we do what we do. It's why you're invited to the Heart of America Men's Chorus Concert. It's why Frosty & Elf Rita are planning their annual visit to Wesley. It's why we're looking for volunteers to help plan for 2011. It's easy to categorize an "event" as just that. An event is never that to us. Everything we do has a child like Lucy, like Kyrie, like Ethan, like Anna, like Frances watching over us.

So please, as you're offering thanks tomorrow with your family, please include the Webers. Please send a card to them or do something good in honor of Lucy or The Kyrie Foundation this weekend with your family. And please remember to count your blessings. We certainly count Lucy as one of ours.

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