Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts, gifts, gifts!

Apologies for the absence! So much going on--as I'm sure you all can relate.

First off, we still want to share all the photos from the big art auction last month and are waiting on the photographer's schedule.

Secondly, a HUGE thank you to the Heart of America Men's Chorus! The vocal talent was tremendous and we feel incredibly honored to be the beneficiaries of your spirited generosity.

And look at all these FANTASTIC DONATIONS for Frosty and Elf Rita's trip to the hospital next week! Oh my! Can you believe it? Such joy at seeing this photo, such bubbly joy and gratitude to everyone who thought enough of a hospitalized child to share a toy. THANK YOU!

And we hope that you buy your gasoline at QuikTrip because ... they've donated 25 $25 giftcards for the Wesley visit too!! I just love QuikTrip for this and for their cappuccino. ;) 

If you would like to get in on all the good feelings of giving, Frosty says they could still use $10 McDonald's giftcards and plain, ol' cash. Frosty uses the cash to purchase items which may be short each year, like teen gifts and giftcards for parents. If you would like to donate these items please shoot an e-mail to Frosty (SusanEckel@shelleyelectric.comto let her know. She'd love to have these items before Friday this week in order to get organized for the big trip next week.

I may not have to type this but it's worth remembering that when a child is in the hospital for Christmas, that means that the parents are there, too. If you think about how busy you are preparing, shopping, wrapping, baking, celebrating, etc., think about if you had to be at the hospital with your child, too. And what about your other children? Or family? Or work? Or bills? Or just getting laundry done? I know, right?

Frosty and Elf Rita's trip is so special because they think about the whole family--everyone in that hospital room is included. Many of these families are so tapped out by bills and shock that this visit is the only bright spot in a long and scary journey. The adults are often left speechless at your generosity. Frosty and Elf Rita also leave gifts to give to children who they know will be admitted after their visit, trying to brighten a moment for absolutely everyone during this time of year. Hope you get a chance to be a part of this tremendous act of generosity!

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