Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From the Easter Bunny

Being an only child, I wasn’t always apt to “sharing."  When someone would tell me to “share," it usually meant I had to give up playing with a favorite toy and pass it off to another child.  And as a kid, there really isn’t much joy in that.  No warm fuzzy feeling.  Maybe even some resentment.  So if I were to have based the definition of “sharing” from my childhood experiences, I probably would have looked to avoid “sharing” in my adulthood.  Good thing I gave it another shot.

On our 5th Easter visit to Wesley Hospital Pediatric Floor in memory of Kyrie Dawn Thome, I was reminded over and over again of the whole “sharing” deal.  As we visited sick children, ages 22 days to 14 years old, on April 22, 2011, we handed out toys, books, games, and stuffed animals…all purchased items that friends and family had entrusted us to “share” with those children.  Several different people “shared” their talents of quilting and blanket making so we could hand out specially made blankets to each and every child.  A couple of businesses “shared” their finances with us so we could purchase a QuikTrip Gas Card and a McDonalds Gift Card – for every single family of a sick child that we met.  Six girls from the Andover Central High School softball team “shared” their Friday night with us to volunteer, pulling wagons and hefting duffle bags full of Easter Goodies down the hospital halls.  Even the Easter Bunny’s dad, and Eggbert's mom, “shared” their time and helped sort and haul and hand out items as we went from room to room.  And probably the most touching “sharing” that happened was that of Kyrie’s Nana, and parents, Jordan & Lacie.  THEY continue to “share” their precious little girl and her memory, with us…strangers…just people they come across….so they can plant a seed and do good. 

Every time we visit Wesley Hospital Pediatric and PICU, we are amazed at the staff that “shares” their knowledge and support with not only the patients and their families, but also with us.  Their tireless caring and strength when working with sick children is incredible.  They are somehow able to “share” their love and concern, while keeping a professional and positive attitude no matter if we are visiting a child who is having his tonsils out or if we seeing a child with a life-threatening illness. 

And we always appreciate the parents of the children we are visiting for “sharing” just a few moments of their time with us.  We realize it is stressful, exhausting, and draining to be in a hospital with a sick child, grandchild, or foster child.  We know those parents more than likely aren’t in the mood for joking or bunny hugs.  But they “share” some moments, so their little one can find some laughter and joy on a Good Friday.  They graciously accept Easter goodies that strangers have generously donated…to be “shared” with their child.

Here is where it comes full circle.  I am still an only child…however, a touch older now.  But “sharing” has become one of my very favorite things!  And I cannot express my gratitude enough to the many that have “shared” with me.  “Go Kyrie, Go!”

Bunny Hugs,
The Easter Bunny

Such a tiny bundle of joy!

The Kyrie Foundation Easter Parade

Mom and Bunny visit.

It's all about the love.

A bright spot in the day for mom.

A little patient and Eggbert share the same hairstyle.

Such joy on her face!

Something fun!

More cheer!
Love the do-gooders who help out Easter Bunny & Eggbert!
And the do-gooders who return to spread more cheer!

Ready for the next little visit.

Fantastic young women who  make the world a better place!

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that is just an awesome story! thanks for "sharing" with all of us.