Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The power of one

Hi all!  I am a new contributor to the Kyrie Foundation blog, but I am not new to the story of Kyrie Thome.  Let me begin with an introduction.  My name is Amy and I am a current member of the Kyrie Foundation Board. 

In January of 2008, I stumbled across this very blog via email.  I was sent a forwarded email about Kyrie Foundation "Mommy & Me" bracelets being sold to support the cause.  After much debate, I went to the blog and started reading back.  It took me days.  By the time I was done, I was a changed person.  I watched Kyrie's tribute video and attempted to go on about my daily life with my husband and three sons.  I tried to forget how awful Kyrie's story  made me feel.  I tried to forget how hard I cried when I read the post about Kyrie passing in her Mother's arms.  But I couldn't.  After more deliberation and a lot of questioning with God, I decided to write a message that I would give at church about the divine intervention of Kyrie's story in my life. 

I had never met Kyrie Dawn Thome.  I had never spoken to Kyrie's family.  This was the story of a little girl I knew nothing about. 

What I did know was that I had a son that was the same age that Kyrie was when she was diagnosed.  I also had two very healthy boys.  I had not had to watch my child slowly regress in their physical development.  I had not had to sit and listen to a Doctor try to tell me about the rare cancer that had taken over my child's brain.  I had not had to carefully pack up my child as we were released from the hospital with no other choice than to...make her comfortable.

My heart broke for this family that I knew nothing about.  And it was almost a year past the date that Kyrie had passed when I came across her story.  But I knew...I knew...I had to be involved. 

I notified the Kyrie Foundation via email that I would be giving this message at church and asked permission to use Kyrie's story and a few of her pictures.  Little did I know...the board members, including Kyrie's Mom and Dad, Aunt and Uncle and close family friends, would be attending the very service that I was speaking at that day.  It was the first step in my journey. 

Looking back, I had no idea how significant that day would be in my journey with the Kyrie Foundation.  I read Kyrie's story.  And I was moved beyond words.  I knew part of my place on this earth, was to take action and do good in Kyrie's name. 

I had no idea that Kyrie's story wouldn't stop there. 

After the message and meeting Kyrie's family, I started reading forward in the blog.  I found out there were many fundraisers that I could take part in.  And I did.  I found out there were many more ways to get involved with this foundation.  And I did. 

Two years into knowing and loving the Thome family, I was asked to be on the board of directors for the Kyrie Foundation. 

And at our last meeting...as God would have it...Kyrie's story came up again. 

Kyrie's story used to be about her birth...her life...and the love of her parents.  Kyrie's story then included her illness...and her constant uphill battle with a cancer her family knew very little about.  Kyrie's story continued when she was welcomed home by Jesus...and Kyrie's story now lives on in each and every one of us.  Her story did not stop on April 7th, 2007.  God put that beautiful little girl on this earth for much...much more.  And I am blessed to say I get to help be a part of the continuation of her story. 

If there has ever been a doubt in your mind about getting involved...let it diminish.  If you ever thought to yourself...what can I do?  I am only one person...get rid of that very thought.

The Kyrie Foundation has seen so many people...one person at a time...find Kyrie's story and make a difference. 

Allow yourself to experience the power of one.  Become part of Kyrie's story.  You will never be the same.

Go Kyrie Go!


humblepie said...

WOW! Such a powerful message!!! I sit here in awe of this story, your story, our story. The best part? We are writing the next chapter right now together!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great message! i make it a point to wear my Kyrie Foundation T-shirts on a regular basis so I can spread the word. Many times I will have someone ask or comment on it and that opens the door to share her story.