Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To whet your whistle as you Fish for a Cure!

So excited to have a host of fabulous artists who have donated pieces to the big event! Take a peek at a couple of our artist and some of their style ...

Aardark on the Sea
Aardvark is the brainchild of Lesley and Pea, artist and designer, of St.Leonards on Sea: a veritable Bohemia and creative epicentre on the South Coast.

We delight in the particular and the vernacular: handmade signs, typography, village halls, fruit cake, tweed overcoats and twice-fried chips. Other inspirations include Edwardian picaresques, English Modernism and cheesy tunes of yesteryear. We champion the handmade and homemade. The broadsides are made with traditional wood and metal type and are printed on a vintage Heidelberg press in Rye.

Our linocuts are lovingly carved and printed in our ramshackle studio using only FSC certified/recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks.

Rita Blitt
Painter/sculptor Rita Blitt celebrates her love of nature, music, and dance in drawings, paintings, film and sculpture. She has installed over 45 monumental sculptures up to 60 feet in height, had 74 solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows. Her works have been shown and installed in Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy (including an award in the Florence Biennale), Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. Rabbi Brad Hirschfield recently wrote, Blitt's work "affirms life and inspires joy". Commenting on Blitt's work in a 2003 NYC exhibition David Cleveland reviewer and novelist wrote, "Translating intimate gesture of line…Blitt has created sculptures which invoke her signature sensuous curves and ethereal harmonies of form, mirroring in compelling ways the human figure in motion."

Jeremy Collins
Whether your journey is from east to west, or from ground to summit, don't miss the path from heart to head. Between these two destinations we find our voice.

Lorrie Boydston
As a native of Suburban Kansas City, I am a product of suburbia and continue to live and raise my own family on the edge of civilization.  Amongst the fabricated, redundant landscape I find myself capturing what I see as little glimpses of life or a moment of redemption in an otherwise mundane and whitewashed environment.  My work explores the dichotomy of suburban life as it relates to our personal ideas of what is private and public.  My use of both photography and painting echoes the conceptual nature of the suburban subject matter and speaks of the tension between illusion and reality.  

Daniel Swartz

I have a simple philosophy when it comes to illustration:  Do something INCREDIBLE.
There are only so many hours in the day, years in a life…why waste them on something I’m not proud of?  I want every piece I do to be something incredible in three ways: First that the piece would clearly stand out to the public as something different and something great; Second that the creative process between myself and the client would lead us to an awesome solution, to excel in the collaborative component of illustration; and Third that I could push myself conceptually and technically and won’t settle for trite solutions.

Maura Cluthe

I integrate text + photography + drawing + painting with all sorts of stuff. I collect postcards, old photographs, and remnants off the street; fragments from other people's lives that live on within my paintings.

More artist peeks to come!!!

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