Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today I am abundantly thankful for the woman behind our Blanket Outreach Program, the Amazing Donna. Amazing Donna has been an incredible example of how one person can really make a difference, as our dear Amy said as we gave Donna a 2011 Kyrie Foundation award at last year’s krop.

Amazing Donna donates her time, talent and treasure to make snugglly-soft, fleece blankets on behalf of the Kyrie Foundation for children battling cancer. When you email us with names of children in your community who have been diagnosed, Amazing Donna is on the case, spinning fabric into love in which we can wrap these children. She even personalizes them with the child’s name and cute embroidered shapes.

I cannot stress enough what Amazing Donna’s efforts do for this organization. While the board and volunteers work hard to plan fundraising events, volunteers like Amazing Donna, Frosty/Easter Bunny (Susan Jae) and Eggbert/Elf Rita connect with families and carry the message. We are continually humbled by this consistent and meaningful goodness.

Specifically for the Blanket Outreach Program, we honored that Amazing Donna continues the legacy of Kyrie’s That.

Here are a few examples of Amazing Donna’s blankets.

Paxten's blanket.
Audrianna's blanket.
Audrianna's sister, Kyra's blanket.
Jared's blanket.
Taylor's blanket.
A special blanket for Kipton's mom.
Braxton's blanket.
Brynlin's blanket.
Mason's blanket.

Pretty amazing, huh?

What are you thankful for today?

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Janis said...

Amazing Donna is my Amazing Big Sister. I am so proud of her. I see Audrianna's blanket and her sister's. Thank you so much for making them.