Thursday, September 1, 2016


I like to think of this as two 1s pointing straight up to heaven. Your heaven year. Except, well, you've already had 10 of those.

Happy birthday in heaven, sweet love! I am sure you are having quite a celebration with family and friends who have gone before us. That angelic celebration undoubtedly surpasses the bows & balloons we'd have for you here, but, oh, what we would give if we could try! Your mom and dad would cover you with kisses, hug you to pieces and shower you with all your favorites. Your brothers and sister would laugh with you and race you around the house. Your family and friends would sing louder than ever. We'd love with everything we've got.

I wish.

I wish birthday wishes came true.
I wish brain cancer was cured.
I wish a cure for brain cancer were important to people.
I wish it were important enough for more people to help.
I wish more people would work together to make the cure happen.
I wish we had more than one birthday with you.

Many, many more have walked your path to heaven, Kyrie, which leaves so many here in unspeakable pain.

But for today, I'm going to imagine that all of those children who left us too soon are having a ton of fun at your birthday party. We love you, darling child!

until we're together again,
Aunt Megan

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