Wednesday, September 26, 2007

For the shoppers ...

If you visit the Kyrie Foundation Web site and click under donate & shop, you'll see the icon for iGive. iGive is a site that is set up to retrieve donations from online shopping at venues like Target, PetSmart, Bombay Company, Home Depot, Lane Bryant, Avon,, Bass Pro Shops, Ebay, Dean & Deluca, Sephora and so many more.

You sign up for free & choose your cause. (The Kyrie Foundation is already set up in their system.) Then shop away! The key is to use your iGive portal to get to the stores' Web sites. So if you go to and shop, there won't be a donation made. Gotta go through iGive to to get the credit.

I also completed three reviews for (an opportunity sent to me by iGive), and I earned $5 for the Kyrie Foundation!

And now through October 2, 2007, several stores are doubling their donations to the Kyrie Foundation: Home Bistro (those gourmet dip/soup/bread mixes), Staples, Land's End,, JCPenney's, Doctors Foster & Smith, Nordstrom, Quill, Expedia & NewEgg.

The cool thing is that you're donating while you're shopping for things you'd purchase anyway. Painless!

Good to keep in mind as holiday shopping draws near ... ;)


motherof2 said...

I have always had a phobia about online shopping, perhaps it is time that I try this!

Jonathan said...

iGive is a great program. There are a couple others like it, such as, which I like better because you can support more than one cause with your savings and the offers tend to be slightly higher.

You should also look at, which enables you to donate to charity every time you search the internet. I love these online programs that allow people to "do-good" with everyday activities like shopping and internet surfing.

I'm so sorry to hear Kyrie's story. My heart goes out to you and your family.