Friday, September 28, 2007

An easy way to help cure pediatric brain cancer.

A big thank you to Jonathan, a new commentator here on the blog, who has given this idea/invitation for you to help us raise funds by sitting at your keyboard.

Instead of using Yahoo or Google to search online, if you use, for every search you make, the Kyrie Foundation earns a penny! Just sign up (for free!), choose the Kyrie Foundation and type your search into the bar just like you would another search engine. You could make it your homepage or put the search bar into your toolbar instead of Yahoo.

Now here's the begging part: You have a lot of charities & causes from which to choose. I'm hoping, pleading & begging that you choose the Kyrie Foundation because we really need the help. The board is made of a few devoted volunteers whose heartache—not time or money or ego—brought them to this point. They work on the foundation, not as a full-time opportunity but amidst everything else: in the car, before work, while opening the mail, on the weekends, over their lunch hours, in airports, while they sleep and ... even in the bathroom.

The average research grant is $50K. That is the Kyrie Foundation's minimal goal every year. Anyone know how many bake sales that is? ;) And the Kyrie Foundation wants to financially help families, too. We know all too well that in these situations, the family precariously teeters over a bottomless pit of insatiable bills. So you can see that we have a steep hill to climb, using what resources we have but very conscious not to burn out our biggest supporters.

Please know that the foundation's "board of directors" are simply organizers. You make up the foundation. You, the blog reader, the t-shirt wearer, the friend, the relative, the classmate, the donation maker, the commentator, the business owner, the prayer giver—you are the Kyrie Foundation. You who want pediatric brain cancer to end—you, too, are the Kyrie Foundation. We've counted you among our most treasured blessings since day one with Kyrie's diagnosis. We hope that you will remain steadfast, inspired and encouraged with Kyrie as we all move together toward a cure.

Go, Kyrie, Go!


Chaney said...

Just a little testimony. We went ahead and set GoodSearch as our 2nd home page and have already used it many times just since yesterday. It's just as good as any other search engine and all we had to do was click on the link Megan provided and it automatically brought up the Kyrie Foundation.

I'm going to send the info out to everyone I know, because it's a great way to help and super easy. And as you all know, if you're on the computer frequently, you use a search engine all the time. Give it a try!

Thanks for the info Megan! I'm glad all my constant clicking will finally do some good!

Small steps! Go Kyrie Go!

Chaney Kraft

ksfaith said...

This IS such an easy way to give!! I used it yesterday and will continue to!! I also sent this out to a bunch of people hoping they would give it a try. I encouraged them to read Kyrie's story here on the blog because I know her journey will inspire and touch their hearts.
Go Kyrie Go!!!!!!

Chad E. said...

Thanks, Chaney, for the testimonial! If everyone can spread the word about The Kyrie Foundation and our Good Search link, we will have a strong network going.