Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Did you see how much you've earned for the Kyrie Foundation on GoodSearch? We're already up to $3.51! Wa-hoo!

If you've read on their site, they do not advertise. Our earnings are based on word of mouth. So if you are inclined, we'd certainly appreciate it if you could spread the word to those in your circles: friends, family, colleagues--anyone who you think might help the foundation.

Thank you SO much for GoodSearching for Kyrie!


Melissa said...

Have you checked out the GoodShop portion of the website?? Just like igive.com, it gives a portion of what you buy from LOTS AND LOTS of online stores to the charity of your choice. I am doing LOTS of Christmas shopping online this year. Why not give a portion of what I spend anyway right back to the Kyrie Foundation?! There is a VAST array of stores to choose from...they have Old Navy, Target, Payless, and Kohls, just to list a few!! Amazing!

What an amazing find! Thank you Jonathan for this great find!!!!

Go, Kyrie, Go-Go-Go!!!

Big Love,

Leah Rundle said...

Ha!! I used it about 7 times yesterday!! I google like EVERYTHING! SO I used goodsearch yesterday for all of them!!

Cool!! I will spread the word!!!