Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am deeply thankful and truly honored for friendship. Posting a little true story tomorrow, but for today, I marvel at what it means to extend care to someone outside your family unit, to care for someone as if they were family or perhaps as the replacement of family. How lovely is it, too, when relationships with spouses, siblings, cousins & parents mature and tether into true friendships. Laughing & crying, hugs & apologies, silliness and compassion, differences & similiarities, friendship is a miracle.

Jordan sent me an e-mail, which I'm sure you've seen, that outlines the different kinds of people that come & go, to & fro, within our lives. Some are there for a season, some for a lifetime, some for a day—all intentionally put in place, sometimes even painfully put into motion, as opportunities for us to give or to receive. Must be divine, no?

What are you thankful for today?


Melissa said...

Ditto, Meg. I'm escpecially thankful for those friends who I can run to and ask them to lift me up in prayer during times of great crisis or for any daily trial that life throws my way. Those spiritual connections that nothing of this earth can sever...

Big Love,

PS. GO, Goodsearchers, GO!! Wa-hoo!

motherof2 said...

I had never considered that people may actually serve a purpose for one brief time in our lives, but now that I think of it....I can remember a time when I was out of state visiting an old boyfriend and the visit didn't go so well...lots of tears, frustration, and confusion. Well on the plane ride home I happened to sit next to a young guy about the same age as I was and he had the same lost look in his eyes as I did. We both took deep breaths as the plane left the runway. All of a sudden a child started screaming...and we both looked at each if to say..perfect. Then we started laughing. We laughed, and laughed and laughed for 2 hours straight..over everything and nothing..we laughed so hard that we could barely catch our breath. To this day I have never laughed so hard. I never saw him before and I never saw him again. But I will never forget that plane ride that healed me in so many ways and reminded me to lighten up! Perhaps that wasn't just a coincidence after all!