Sunday, October 28, 2007

Because of One

(Written by Chad, Megan's husband and one of Kyrie's uncles)

While my wife can write circles around me, I still thought that I would take this opportunity to post an entry. Seeing all the comments and response to this site made me reflect on the one person that created the means for it: Kyrie Dawn Thome.

Because of one little girl, a large community of people view this site every, single day. They also express what they are thankful for and, sometimes, become more closely knit with others they have never met. These people also sometimes buy t-shirts and use (with The Kyrie Foundation as their designated charity). While this seems so simple, it could one day snowball itself into a research grant that could help pave the way for a cure for pediatric brain cancer. I would not have written the last sentence if I did not believe, in my heart, that it could not be achieved. It can. Because of one, we can triumph together.

Chad T. Eickholt
The Kyrie Foundation


Christi said...

Amen!!! If we all keep up with goodsearch, wearing our tshirts, and passing the word around in the end it will work miracles. Kyrie is such a blessing and we miss her very much. Lacie and Jordan are so lucky to have you guys as family.
God bless

Alli said...

Your post is so very true! It reminds us of the power of one. People get caught up in the hussle and bussle of the power of many and we forget that it all starts with one! Kyrie is our one! Thank you to you and Megan for all that you do!
Go Kyrie Go

Melissa said...

I'd give that a big 'ol AMEN! I agree whole-heartedly. I know that I wouldn't be here, taking a moment each day to look at the picture of Kyrie that is still (and most likely always will be) afixed to my computer screen and thanking God for blessing this poor earth with such a special being. I wouldn't see a butterfly (any butterfly) and think "Go, Kyrie, Go". I wouldn't wear my t-shirt and hope and pray that SOMEONE will ask me what the Kyrie Foundation is...just so I can share our cause and more importantly the story of a sweet baby girl that left us all too soon. I wouldn't beg and plead with people to give to a cause that is more worthy than possibly any I've known before. I wouldn't work on a project when I should be doing other things, just because I feel so drawn to help in a minute way...just so that someday I can know in my heart that I helped save someone else's Kyrie...I wouldn't pray for God to grant us this miracle...if I didn't believe with ALL of my heart that a cure would be found and we will all be a part of it...and I do. Thank you, Chad for reminding us all why we are here.

Good news!! Order has been placed on the beads for the Kyrie bracelets. I can't WAIT to reveal the design...they are really beautiful. We will have kind of a fun, funky one and then a really pretty one that will be offered as a "Mommy and Me" set. Can't wait!!! Thanks go to some wonderful people here in Cheney...all very dear friends...who so willingly donated the funds needed. You are all amazing and I love you!

So much good in this world...I like to think it definitely outweighs the bad.

By the way, I never was able to scrounge up the time on Thursday to post my "thankful" for the week. On Thursday morning, Mason woke up absolutely sobbing. He had been sick last week and while he was sick, he watched the movie "Balto" quite a bit. We rented it, so naturally, it had to be returned. He woke up crying about wanting Balto back...I explained to him that it had to go back. He then told me that he wanted his real Balto back...Apparently, he had had a dream that Balto (the heroic dog who in the movie saves a baby girl who is near death by carrying a medical cure through a big storm...while risking his own life) was with him. He just loved that dog so much in his dream and there wasn't anything he could do to get him back once he awoke. Anyway, the innocence with which he told the story...and the irony of the story...just really hit me. Last week was really stressful, I was running here and there, trying to make up for taking time off to be at home with Mason. It was one of those moments when God just really made me take a step back and think. So, I guess I am thankful for a child's innocence. And for a God that keeps me grounded!

Big Love,

sgarten said...

I've read this blog from the start and still check it at least 3 times a week. It's a great reminder that one person can touch many, many lives. Thanks for keeping it going!