Friday, October 12, 2007

The power of several.

Last weekend, Chad & several of my dearest friends hornswaggled me with a surprise slumber party ambush. These dear friends have been in my spirit for decades and are also staunch supporters of the Kyrie Foundation.

After hours and hours of much-needed laughter, a few tears, stories, memories & queso dip, we slumbered until rousing in the morn for brunch at a local cafe, a somewhat dive-y hangout serving up free, delish cinnamon rolls. We marched into Neighbor's Cafe in uniform: all of us in our Kyrie tees. Everyone—everyone—noticed. The hostess. The cashier. The waitress. Fellow patrons. And we told them Kyrie's story. We told them about the Web site. We told them about plans. We shootethed.

After omelets and hashbrowns, we popped into several stores. The shopkeeper at m. culture noticed our shirts, and we told Kyrie's story again to this dear woman who ended up in tears recalling her own daughter's brain injuries.

We told Kyrie's story in Traditions & Cameron's, two home decor & furnishings stores. As a team we shopped The Bath House, and that shopkeeper, too, noticed Kyrie's tees. The whole morning, as my insides were torn between heartache and perseverance, I marveled at the impact just a few friends had as a team roaming the world. The gestalt of friendship.

So thank you, again, to all of our friends who are talking & wearing. That's how a grassroots effort like ours turns the tide.

p.s. We're still happy to post photos of Go, Kyrie, Go! t-shirt wearers! Just send 'em our way.

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