Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Smart, in more ways than one.

This Friday is unequivocally known as "the biggest shopping day of the year," the kick-off to the gift-giving season where consumerism is at a peak and seasonal grumpiness takes root. Here's a small suggestion: instead of the exasperating check-out lines, the mad runs on hot items, the cart wrangling, the crowded parking lots, lugging packaging to the car and trying to get them out the car without getting caught, what if you could shop wearing your fuzzy slippers with just a few clicks?

iGive(and iBakeSale & GoodShop) has been great. I ordered a few gifts two weeks ago, and-poof-they showed up on my doorstep, AND I earned money for the foundation. I even found gifts that aren't available in the brick & mortar stores. It's like an online mall--better, in fact, because you have hundreds of stores to choose from. Depending on your total, some stores even offer free shipping. Bonus! Anyone else tried it? Mind sharing your experience?

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