Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Capturing the moment.

Scrapbooking: the phenomena and the fear. For those who have taken up the scrapbooking hobby, you already get it. You are excited over gorgeous 12x12 papers, you squeal when you see a super-cute embellishment, you know what the word "embellishment" means, you understand and enjoy being up at 2 a.m. in "the creative zone" with glitter in your ears and on your lips.

To those who haven't, though, this all sounds confusing. Photos and what? Punching, stamping, die-cutting? Sounds dangerous. Often I hear, "I'm not creative enough." I say, bah! Think of it as a photo album with written captions, only prettier. A journal with photos, only more fun. You don't have to do every photo, you don't have to scrapbook every holiday, and you certainly don't have to be perfect. In fact my favorite scrapbooks are the old ones with the photo corners holding deckle-edged photos to black paper. I love the white, slowly written, cursive words beneath each image. Timeless.

And when people ask why bother scrapbooking, I ask them, "Wouldn't it be nice if your grandparents or parents had left you with their thoughts, feelings and images of what it was like to live their lives? Wouldn't that be AMAZING?!" And what an incredible hobby to have, one that offers a creative outlet that becomes an heirloom, like quilting & knitting.

Just as it's worth living in the moment, it's worth capturing some of them, too.

Long before Kyrie became sick, long before we even knew about PNETs and craniotomies, before she could even really run around, I put this together featuring one of her photographs.

I hope you'll join us for The Kyrie Foundation Krop in October to raise research funds, even if you've never scrapped anything before. You'll meet lots of really nice people who'll offer tips, tell stories of scrapping mishaps and even share their tools and stickers. Scrappers are really nice people. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of seats. To reserve yours now, visit:

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