Monday, July 7, 2008

A request.

You can usually bet that if it's a little quiet here on the blog, there are big things a'brewin' for the foundation. Stay tuned: we have an exciting announcement forthcoming in the next week or so. With that in mind, on behalf of the board, I'd like to ask for your help.

When it comes to events that we're organizing to raise funds for The Kyrie Foundation Research Grant, we cannot do it alone. We have a few challenges: we're new & we're small. Being new means that people & businesses are unsure of who we are & what we're doing. Being new also means that we're not yet on the most popular nonprofit circuit, so often times, we have to compete for the same dollars that, say, the American Heart Association asks for. Yikes!

Being small means that we have limited resources & contacts, and your volunteer board members are peddling as fast as we can.

However being new means that you get to be on the ground floor of something that is aiming for the stratosphere. You get to be a part of us from the very beginning. And being small means that your donations, be it individual or corporate, actually go toward the good of this lean & mean organization and the research grant. There aren't layers upon layers of bureaucracy and no news-making sneakiness. In fact, accountability is HUGELY important to us. We can't wait to tell you what progress our annual grants are making.

Notice the "our" of "our annual grants." These grants, this progress, is yours, too. We are doing this with you. And part of what you can do to help us is simply talking about us. Tell people about "this new nonprofit" that you're helping. Wear your t-shirt. Ask your friends or family if they want to come with you to "this fundraiser for The Kyrie Foundation."

So as we debut news & events here for the foundation, we hope that we can count on your support and your help to drum up even more support.

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Clarkers said...

Just had to tell you Lee and I were at the west Walmart a week ago and as we were in line he said "Look at the lady's t-shirt in front of us". I was so excited to see she was wearing a Kyrie Foundation shirt. Anyway she was someone that worked with Kyrie's Nana. Just thought even something as simple as wearing a t-shirt gets the word out!! I haven't posted very much lately but wanted you all to know we are thinking and praying for you.... very excited about the things going on with the foundation and know that it takes a lot of work to do what you are doing but what a blessing it is!!!! Love, The Clarks