Friday, May 29, 2009

Another do good idea!

A little bunny told us that a very special person came up with a very special way to usher in her birthday this year. Kathi Wilken celebrated her fabulous 40th birthday last weekend with friends, fun and all the celebratory accouterments, but she also turned the attention of traditional birthday giving into giving of another kind.

She came up with the idea of a "cover charge" for the big event, asking people to make a donation to either the SIDS Network of Kansas or The Kyrie Foundation. With the cover/donation came raffle tickets. Word has it that Kathi purchased LOTS of super cool items and made beautiful gift baskets for her generous guests to win!

Can you believe how creative and how AMAZINGLY GENEROUS Kathi is?! To give her birthday to charities that want to make sure that children get to have birthdays, too? So kind. So incredible.

Thank you, Kathi! Our birthday wish for you is that you have many, many more birthdays to share all that you are with others!