Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Simultaneous do gooding.

So parallel to the work we are doing to gear up for the amazing Twilight Walk in September, we are also well underway planning the Kansas City art+gift auction, Metamorphosis 2009. Lots of busy, busy work. Lots of good things bubbling.

One of those buoyant, iridescent bubbles of goodness came in the form of a lovely donation from an enormously talented artist north of the American border. I'm sure you'll recognize the lively, fluid illustration style of Canadian Keri Smith. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, projects for Yahoo! and in publications for Chronicle Books. Not only is she an artist by way of successful career, she is also, more importantly, a life artist. She has a swell way of fusing the everyday with a swashbuckling disposition for passionate creativity. Keri's simple-yet-bountiful approach to living and thinking happily spills into ideas and projects for the likes of you and me.

The package arrived ...

and I opened it to discover not one but TWO copies of her latest book ...

autographed for two lucky winners!

Keri gets far more requests for donations than she can possibly fulfill, so for her to participate in our event is not only a thrilling honor but frankly, it feels as dreamy and miraculous as Glinda the Good Witch arriving on our doorstep in a giant pink bubble. We thank Keri beyond measure, and we hope that you're looking forward to all of the great art that will be waiting for you at our fall event.

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Nonna Illustration & Design said...

This is so exciting! What an amazing artist and person to donate such great prizes. I am looking forward to the art auction this year for sure.