Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for revisions. I'm grateful for the do-overs, replays and second chances. Moreover, I'm thankful for the receptive attitude toward revision opportunities. Too often we get instantly defensive, our pride whimpering from a paper cut. Or we expect someone else to execute solutions without knowing the true work involved. Or we expect to create perfectly on the very first try.

In hindsight, we forget the mistakes themselves but distinctly remember how someone handled them, don't we? A blow up? A brush off? A blame game? Or with a pledge to do better? Or how about when someone takes the blame for a mistake for something that we know full well isn't his or her fault?

If we were frank with ourselves, how in the wonderful world could we expect perfection from the get-go when with our attention deficit culture rarely puts in the study or the effort that greatness requires? And therein lies the demise: when we lower our standards to attain a mediocre form of greatness instead of embracing the chance to improve.

Oh, man. That's deeper than I first thought.

I'm thankful for the willingness to make things better and for the tenacity to implement improvements. I'm thankful for the ol' "nose to the grindstone." I'm thankful for practice, rehearsals and training. And I'm thankful for the finale, when at the end of an endeavor you look back over your shoulder and know you have done well.

If you can recognize the need for improvement, things are already improving.

Author Unknown

What are you thankful for today?

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