Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet an artist, #1.

Months and months ago, I came across a blog that mentioned the art of one Ms. Julia Pott who resides in our mother country of Great Britain. I found her work to have a refreshing, raw charm. Though some of her topics are for adults only, the delivery of each idea on the page is done with lovely hand-drawn authenticity. And I like how smoodgy her art is. I like that there might be smudges or erasings. I like that the people aren't very pretty. I especially like her animals set in human conditions. It's just truly interesting.

You can even purchase lovely pillows, aprons and totes with her work here. She is certainly an up and comer.

Now I had the pleasure of corresponding with Julia this summer. She not only agreed to donate, but also she so supported the idea of getting rid of pediatric brain cancer that she asked a few of her talented friends if they would mind donating, too.

Hence, Robin Bushnell, a fantastic animator also residing across the pond. He, too, has a quirky yet engaging style that fascinates as he's done here in his "Zoo" piece, a 2:40 animation of "a trip to the zoo ends in mayhem."

He has donated a darling little painting that you'll have to come November 12 to see! I've had the joy of meeting with both Julia and Robin, and I can assure you that they are as creative and caring as their work depicts.

Julia also introduced The Kyrie Foundation to Ms. Gemma Correll, a delightful illustrator who creates pieces like this

and this

and this

Gemma, too, has donated a sweet piece to the art auction fundraiser. I can't wait for you to see their work in person next month!

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