Monday, October 26, 2009

Meet the Artists, #4.

Illustrator and designer Tuesday Schmidt has been an instrumental force of energy and possibility for Metamorphosis and for The Kyrie Foundation in Kansas City. Way back when—when this was just an inkling of an idea—she was one of the very first people to sign on and employ her friends and their friends to make this event happen, like a fairy godmother.

Not only can you see her work at shows around the area (and in Alaska!) but you can also find her styling on our 2009 poster and at the auction itself on November 12.

A good friend of Tuesday's became a good friend of Kyrie's as well. Jen Walker has wonderfully deft eye and hand for mixed media creations, which you will see for yourself in a few weeks. She also has a committed heart for helping fight this insidious cancer beast. Not only has Jen joined the fight against pediatric brain cancer, but she also is a vigilant fighter against breast cancer. She shared her work and event experience with Camp Quality, a local camp that hosts children who are fighting cancer, with us in order to help organize Metamorphosis. With a full-time, demanding job, an adorable young son, a supportive husband and the call to create all needing her, we are humbly grateful for her time contributed to our event.

Photographer Kelly Jackson is another incredibly generous creative who has blessed us with help, ideas, connections, resources and support. Kelly has a tenacious photography style that produces beautifully honest moments captured as life on photo paper. She brilliantly photographs children


family, seniors, new babies, couples--you name it. Luckier for us still, she also has a gallery of fine art prints from her European travels. Ah, gondolas in Venice, turrets in Turkey. We are fortunate to have such a steadfast friend who continues to give in ways that consistently amaze us.

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