Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween helps Christmas

Some do-good inspiration from our favorite characters!

"Frosty" & "Elf Rita" put the word out to all of their friends, and once again they came thru! The "ticket" into their Annual Halloween Costume Party was a donation towards the Kyrie Christmas Trip to Wesley Hospital coming up in December.

36 party-goers donated: 58 items + $40.00 cash

12 Stuffed Animals
6 Dolls
8 Cars
7 Craft Kits
2 Electronic Games
4 Puzzles
1 Card Game
4 Color Books with Crayons
2 Stickers Books
1 Pack of Markers
8 Sesame Street Toys
1 Set of AAA Batteries

"THANKS!" to everyone including...'Jon & Kate + 8', KISS, Betty & Wilma, Punk Thugs, Vampire & Vampiress, Michael Jackson (before & after), the Blind Refs, and ALL of the generous donors who we claim as our friends!!

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Chad said...

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how people will open their hearts and rise to help meet the challenges that so many of these children are facing. A very special thanks to "Frosty" and "Rita Elf" for making this happen each year, on top of their special visit for the Easter season. What a great example of the difference people can make. Thank you. (from Chad)