Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So it's nearly here: the one & only Kyrie Foundation fundraiser commencing in Kansas City for 2009!

We've had several things fall into our laps over the last couple days, including a super cool photo image from We Are the Parsons, a whopping Kansas City Chiefs package of 2 December games for 4 people each plus parking and 2 signed prints from Shepherd Fairey in L.A. (the artist that composed the famous/infamous 2008 Obama campaign poster art.)

I can't tell you how crazy excited I am about chef Dave Lueck and chef Gareth Agnew preparing all of the delicious ingredients from Whole Foods Market on Metcalf. These are Dave's own recipes—creative and tantalizing. We know what a phenomenal task we have requested from him—cooking for over 200 people! We are still stunned at his amazing generosity of time and talent to the cause. Thank you from the bottom of our grateful stomachs and from entire throngs of taste buds!

Ebay auction
is still live—only until Friday at 8 p.m., though.

Tickets and more info are here:

If you're still on the fence whether or not to go tomorrow night, I say (and of course I'm terribly biased. ;)) GO! Not only is it a fun evening, not only will you have access to art you wouldn't otherwise, not only can you knock out some Christmas shopping, not only are your purchases tax free, not only will there be fantastic food and an open bar, not only will you enjoy great live jazz, but you will be doing all of to help a new, homegrown charity that is doing its best to grow and to save children's brains from cancer.

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