Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The cheerful giver.

We're back, and what a visit we had with PBTF!

First off, our travels with far from perfect but safe, and when you're buckled into a steel tube zooming through the air, that's all that counts. Before we left, I kept thinking about the children and families we've met along our journey. I wanted to take them with us; I wanted them to be present and accounted for and held close. They are for whom we have worked; they are what have tied us together. So I just thought maybe I could tie something together to represent them.

A ribbon for Kyrie holds onto Ethan who holds onto Taya who holds onto Anna who holds onto Patrick who holds onto Marley who holds onto Kate.

We spent nearly four hours with Dianne Traynor, co-founder of PBTF, and Brian Traynor, executive director of PBTF. They knew about the upcoming scrapbook fundraiser, and we're amazed that we have raised such a large amount in a short amount of time, time that we have also been required to use building a nonprofit as well as grieving and managing life/work. In Brian's words, our check was "galactic."

I always knew what we were doing was good, but I had no idea that our work was so important. When I chose to update the web site instead of watching American Idol, I had no idea how crucial that decision was. Every time we've chosen to put effort toward this fight instead of something else, that choice really did matter.

We are so fortunate to have PBTF as a partner in this fight. So grateful for their unbelievable work for nearly 30 years. Our hope for The Kyrie Foundation was not to become another PBTF, not to reinvent the wheel, but to help them achieve more faster. A few thing you should know about PBTF, who we have partnered with:

• They believe that every dollar must be accounted for. They are fully committed to good stewardship and demand that of the projects they fund.

• Even though they have met thousands of children fighting brain tumors, they are not calloused, cynical or tired. They asked to hear Kyrie's story, and truly empathized, knowing that we're all in this because of stories like hers.

• They require researchers, doctors, scientists to work together, to collaborate and share ideas. This team-mentality not only is the most economical way to work but also the fastest way to a cure.

• A particular doctor who PBTF funded discovered information in his work that became an important step forward for breast, prostate and melanoma cancer research, too.

• They began just like us, with an idea, help from friends and a house overrun with event stuff!

• Every research project goes through review with their advisory board. This means money is not given to a project that won't truly advance the research for pediatric brain tumors.

We met everyone who was there that day in their offices. So inspiring to meet a group of people dedicated to what they do. They "get it."

The PBTF presented The Kyrie Foundation (that means all of you) with a beautiful glass award, which we hope to display at each event this year for you to see for yourself.

Then we thought, hey, guess we should give them the check!

PBTF has a beautiful and newly constructed stained glass "quilt" where they honor gifts of $10K or more.

They had already added The Kyrie Foundation to the wall.

You should also know—because they wanted Chad & I to clearly know—that this $50,000 gift is very important to them. In Brain's words, our money will be used to launch something "revolutionary." Yes, they receive governmental grants and earn large amounts of money through their own fundraising, but they made it clear that they knew how hard it is to earn this kind of money and that it needs to work hard for the cause.

So, what's the working-hard-"revolutionary" project you ask? Well, it's so new and on-the-brink that details are still being finalized. We should be able to make an announcement in a couple of weeks, though. Isn't it SO exciting to know that we're all a real part of the solution? We're all REALLY doing something to cure cancer.

In the meantime, 2010 is underway, and so is our commitment to keep going. For the next $50K, we're going to need more help. So if you're inspired by this in any way, if you have ideas or skills that you're willing to share, if you can help us in any way, e-mail me! megan@kyriefoundation.org

Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.
Luke 6:38

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