Thursday, January 28, 2010

friday funny

We had a little time after our PBTF meeting in Asheville, so we motored downtown to find the Mast General Store, a landmark of sorts to make you feel like Ma Ingalls picking up supplies at the Olsen family store. Powder keg barrels brimming with old-timey candy, racks of outfitters' clothing and a toy section with long-standing favorites.

As a child, I remember carefully pulling bits of magnetic shavings with a red plastic wand over the top of a cartoon drawing of a bald man. Wooly Willy fascinated me for hours at a time. Little did I know that I would grow up to marry him. ;)


ksfaith said...

cute - love it!!

Steve said...

Now that's a funny photo! Nice to have a husband with a sense of humor, eh? Just discovered your blog, will visit again soon. May this day, yet another gift to us from the Father, be filled with His joy and peace for your family.