Monday, February 8, 2010

A valentine gift idea.

So if you're ruminating this week over tokens of affections, we have a Valentine's Day gift list to suggest!

1. Need to drop a gift hint for Prince Charming? Instead of expensive chocolate or champagne, how about he reserve a seat for you for the Kyrie Krop 2010? A full & lovely day of creativity and camaraderie, a massage therapist on hand, a little shopping, cool tunes, freebies—now that's some love.

2. To the heart through the stomach. How about a The Kyrie Foundation cookbook for your daughter in her new apartment, your sister a coupla states away or for the teacher who goes the extra mile for your kiddo?

3. Budget-friendly bling. The Kyrie Foundation bracelet collection is a simple, beautiful way to share the love. Each bracelet comes with Kyrie's story, and you get your choice of different styles or a "mommy & me" set—hey, a gift for your wife and little daughter.

4. Sealed with a cyber kiss. If you're purchasing a gift online, why not go through GoodShop or iGive? Free, easy way to shop your favorite stores, and a portion of your spending goes to fight this cancer. Fantastic!

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