Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A quick & free way to help!

So many of you have seen our connection to iGive and to GoodShop here and on our site. Today—for the next 24 hours starting at noon—you could help earn dollars to fight pediatric brain cancer by just looking around at iGive's shops (which are really the retail sites you already browse). Here's what they sent us about this 24-hour fundraiser ...

It's "go" for iGive's 24 hour/$5,000 challenge. This means The Kyrie Foundation has 24 hours to raise up to $5,000, just through your supporters joining iGive and visiting an iGive store.

We'll give The Kyrie Foundation one dollar for each person who joins iGive (for the first time) using the special link below and who visits a store via The challenge officially starts at noon, February 24, 2010 (CST) and ends at noon, February 25, 2010 (or when we've given away $5,000, whichever comes first.)

It's a bit of race--that $5,000 limit is for all causes, not just The Kyrie Foundation. So, when iGive gets 5,000 new members from all causes that are participating, the challenge is over.

This is the link:

Joining and visiting a store is quick, free and easy. No purchase necessary.

The only way The Kyrie Foundation will get new supporters and that free $1 (or more) is if you invite them. Send your friends, family, and colleagues the following link in an e-mail, tweet it, chirp it, do a Facebook posting, put up posters, shout from mountain tops and let them know you think The Kyrie Foundation is pretty cool and deserves their support, especially since it's free! You can even just forward this post.

If these new members search (or buy something at an iGive store) they'll earn even more money for The Kyrie Foundation. We're donating a bonus $5 for that first purchase plus the usual percentage on shopping.

The details:
- Offer active between 12:00 p.m. February 24, 2010 and 11:59 a.m., February 25, 2010 (CST).
- New members only (never have been an iGive member previously). All the normal rules of membership, searching, and purchasing apply, our site has the details. For instance, you can't sign up somebody, they have to do it themselves.
- Once we've given away $5,000 in total, the offer ends.
- The special link AND visiting a store via iGive are necessary. No link, no store visit, no $1.

So if you haven't joined iGive yet, now's the time!

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