Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank you to our Kyrie Klassic Sponsors!

Once again, we are so grateful to have the support of so many local businesses to make our first-ever Kyrie Klassic golf tournament a reality! It takes so much thought & energy to attempt hosting a fundraiser—more than we can completely and accurately describe. So when a company stands in solidarity with our efforts, it not only makes the event possible, but it also boosts our race to the finish. 

Thank you for being good businesses, sponsors. And readers, if you have a choice to do business in these arenas, please support those who have stood beside us in this fight to save children.

What better way to invest than in the lives of children and families! Thank you Waddell & Reed! 
This generous law office returned this year after supporting the 2009 Twilight Walk as well! Thank you again, Maughan & Maughan!
Building strong homes is what Wilkinson Construction does best. Thank you for wanting to keep the families in your homes intact, too!

This company has a great track record of philanthropy here in the Midwest. So thankful to be a beneficiary of EMC Insurance's goodwill!

We share a common goal: protection from things you can't always see. Plus, Heartland Pest Control uses environmentally friendly techniques to keep the crawlies away. Thank you, Heartland Pest Control!

Home is where the heart is, and Weigand has its heart in the right place. Thank you, Weigand Realty!
We understand what it's like to care for little ones who may not always be able to tell us what's wrong. Thanks for caring with us, Heartland Animal Hospital!

Klee Watchous
Once in a while, our path crosses with individuals whose unconditional generosity leaves a wake of inspiration. We are tremendously humbled to be a beneficiary of Klee's committment to personal philanthropy. Thank you so much, Klee!

If it's a dress for the dance or new pair of basketball shoes, chances are mom & dad head to the mall to get it done. Thank you Simon Property Management for helping us preserve those moments!

Criser, Gough & Parrish, LLC 
Trust accounts for a lot when it comes to the future. We're grateful that Criser, Gough & Parrish trusts our commitment brain cancer research enough to stand with us.

Securing the connection between families and their homes is a mission that we greatly admire. Thank you, Security 1st Title for being our first tournament sponsor to come on board!

Clarke-Wilkinson & Associates
We believe Clarke-Wilkinson & Associates to be one of the best emerging companies in Wichita. Humbled to have their dedicated support and thrilled to count them as friends.

A special thanks to Valerie for contributing to the idea of happy & healthy families, a goal that we hope to insure for everyone in this fight against cancer.

Nathan Brenzikofer Construction
We understand the time and work that goes into creating a sturdy foundation. Thank you for building something extraordinary with us, Nathan Brenzikofer Construction!

Dynamic is right! I so appreciate the great letter from their president on their intro web page. They are in the business of creating solutions, and so are we. Thank you, Liquidynamics! 

We agree—let's get rolling on a cure already! Thank you Gorges Auto for being part of an event that will lead to bigger & better treatments for little ones.

Again, we owe you a huge debt of gratitude to all of our sponsors for helping do what needs to be done. And it takes just that: people to pitch in, unconditionally, to truly help because they see a need. That's how we've come this far with just ideas and willingness and a shared belief that the cancer should disappear instead of the children.

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