Thursday, September 2, 2010

From our dear friend Susan:

You know how when you get older and you're supposed to say
"Oh no…no presents please!"
Well, I don't get it.
I guess being an only child, I still like to get presents, even at almost 43 years old.

And, my friends & family know that about me.
Just as they all know I LOVE to celebrate my Birthday!
Parties - peoples - cake - good times - music - food - drinks - laughter.

I was lucky enough to get ALL of that this past weekend!
I was able to spend Friday nite with 50 friends and family at Cabaret OldTown.
Saturday I was surprised with a Birthday Luau with 40 some friends in attendance.

But the very best part of my Birthday celebrations was this….
Kyrie was also celebrated!

You see…Kyrie and I share September 1st as our Birthday.

And my people know how much The Kyrie Foundation means to me.
So what they did…oh-so-touched my heart.

I received money donated in my name to be given to The Kyrie Foundation!
Toys & games given for "Frosty" and "Elf Rita's" next Christmas trip to Wesley Hospital pediatric floor!

Can you believe it?!
Can you think of any better presents?!
Can you think of any other way to celebrate September 1st?!
I sure can't…not no way….not no how.

I am blessed all the way around!
Susan Jae

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