Thursday, September 30, 2010

All hands on deck!

Sometime today we should know if we're in the running to be a candidate for the October Pepsi Refresh Project!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS MEANS: Starting October 1 and going through October 31, you get 10 votes EVERY DAY to spend on a Pepsi Refresh candidate at We'll give you the direct link to The Kyrie Foundation's page as soon as we get it. Me? I'm giving my 10 votes every day to The Kyrie Foundation, and of course, I'd love for you to do the same!

We decided to dream BIG and go BIG with this one, so we're up for the $250K grant. Yep, THAT big! This would fund BIG growth. We could hire devoted full-time employees/experts to execute BIG initiatives that would bring awareness and new donors to the cause. We could start our parent/hospital outreach program nationwide. We could create so many more opportunities to gain donations for The Kyrie Foundation Tissue Bank Fund. We could do so much and we want to take you along!

I've often been beleaguered at what it takes to keep an organization like this going. Legally and logistically we have been lucky to have very generous board members who donate out of their own pockets the money to cover framing for the art auction, fees to rent a projector for a presentation, beads for our bracelets, ketchup & mustard for the concession stand, lunch for the krop, our very first event table, little extras to make our auction offerings look nice, event insurance and postage for sending out year-end tax receipts, just to name a scant few. You would not believe all of the little things that add up. And this is happening at the exact same time they are setting up tables and chairs for an event, calling for restaurant gift card donations, updating Facebook, creating art for our event t-shirts—you name it.

What happens when you have the funds to grow is that even bigger stuff starts to happen, like partnerships, corporate sponsors, endorsements, etc. And that? That's what creates BIG funds for research. Remember, we want the research to happen faster. There will be 10 new Kyries today and 10 more tomorrow. It's time to move, people! And, wow, are we going to move mountains with something like this! ;)

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