Friday, October 1, 2010

WE'RE IN!!!! WE'RE IN!!!


And if you're not near a computer, TEXT IN YOUR VOTE!!

Vote from your mobile phone

Text* 103447 to
Pepsi (73774)
*Standard text messaging rates apply.

I believe I was mistaken about getting to give your 10 votes per day to one choice. I think you can only vote for one idea, but you have another 9 votes to spread around to other ideas, too.

So once you register and cast your vote, then what? SPREAD THE WORD BIG TIME! Will you HR let you ask your fellow coworkers to vote? Are you part of a club? Work at a school? PTA? Hanging with friends tonight? Going to a game this weekend? ASK PEOPLE TO VOTE! That's how this thing works! And every day that we forget to vote is a missed day; we can't get that back, so the sooner you share this with people, the more potential votes we can earn!

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