Sunday, October 3, 2010

A lesson from really incredible kids.

I've spent the last two days telling anybody and everybody about the chance to receive a grant that could change the trajectory of this small but mighty organization, which in turn will gain ground against cancer's terrorizing domination over these families. About 15 of  my 250 Facebook friends picked up the news and passed it on.  This is the prevailing struggle we have: to catch someone's attention enough to care. The silliest thing is that caring means curing. That's the connection; that's where this war will be won.

So when I saw this from Kyrie Foundation supporter Niki who just happened to be at Andover Central, I melted.

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, and we especially love it when kids help other kids.  THANK YOU students and teachers of Andover Central High School. You set a fantastic example for all of us.

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Janet Scheier said...


There THREE ways you can vote every day, giving Kyrie's Foundation THREE VOTES EVERY DAY!!

1. Text 103447 to (phone number) 73774

2. Vote through the web site

3. Go to the Pepsi Refresh page on Facebook... click on the "go to application" button under the picture and vote!

I'm sure there more tech-literate people out there to make this more intelligible, but I just wanted you to know you can give THREE VOTES EVERY DAY!!