Saturday, October 2, 2010


So day one of voting is done and we're in for another 30 more! The most difficult thing might just be remembering to vote, right? And then reminding your friends to keep voting, too, right? Here are some ideas:

Write it on the calendar. whether it's in your planner, on the family calendar in the kitchen, the calendar in your office or on your e-mail system's calendar, this is a super easy way to remind ourselves this month.

Set alarms. I can set a daily alarm on my cell phone for any time I want. You probably can, too, plus a little message pops up. Also, I can put a daily "meeting" on my e-mail systems calendar. It logs into my "daily tasks" app, and pops up with a reminder, too.

Bookmark You can sometime pull your absolute favorite into your toolbar, too. Great that it's right there.

Temporarily make you home page. It will automatically be the first page that shows when you open your browser.

• Use the buddy system. This might be my favorite idea. Get a pal or two together and remind each other via phone, text or e-mail.

There have been some GREAT ideas come our way in the last 24 hours! People have forwarded an e-mail to everyone in their address book. Posted on Facebook. Posted on LinkedIn. Contacted our friends at KFDI, KAKE and KZSN. People are passing it to their HR departments for company support. A dear friend shared the info with the computer science teacher at the high school, who is allowing her kids to vote in class this month! Amazing! We LOVE it when kids help other kids!

And we been asked why our ranking hasn't moved yet. Here's an answer we found:

Yes, the leader board updates every 30 minutes. All ideas are updated based on the number of votes received. During the first two days of each month the leader board does not show much movement as votes are being accumulated. For this short timeframe, "ranking" is based on the timestamp of a submission. After the 3rd day if a user's idea does not receive any votes their ranking continues to be based on the timestamp of submission trailing all ideas that have received votes.

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