Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go, Kyrie, Go Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7th PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your votes and my votes and their votes are really working! THANK YOU! Just 5 more spots to really change the world!

The lovely Easter Bunny/Frosty/Dorothy, who organizes all of those great toy trips to Wesley hospital each season, designated Wednesday, October 20 as Go, Kyrie, Go! Day!!!!! So what does that mean?

• wear any Kyrie Foundation tee you may have from an event or our official designer tees.
• tell anyone & everyone about the vote, thank those who have and remind them to keep it up.
• print and pass out flyers from a couple weeks ago. This could be at tonight's ball game, at your bunco group, at happy hour, at the mall, at Wal-Mart, at dance practice, at the office, around the neighborhood—whatever idea you can dream up.
• get a group to text vote all at once--the more the merrier!
• leave a comment on the EK Success Brands Facebook page and the Spotted Canary Facebook page in the week of 10/15-10/22, and we'll earn $1 per comment!

Remember, we need you to vote these 3 ways EVERY DAY until October 31:

1) Text 103447 to Pepsi (73774) for The Kyrie Foundation
and now you can vote for our partners with separate texts:

103090 - St Michael the Archangel School
103073 - Three Ring Ranch
102961 - The Arizona Center for Responsible Fatherhood (ACRF)
102429 - Tucson Nursery School
103048 - Somtech Recycling
103061 - Outer Limits School
102833 - Jobs for Arizona's Graduates (JAG)
100220 - Parks and Rec Nanty Glo
100879 - Erin's Dream

2) Facebook App voting here:  Then copy and paste this line: 
erins ring.ranch somtech tns acrf leawood outer kyrie kyrie jobs.jag nanty
You'll be able to see all 10 partners' ideas at once with The Kyrie Foundation at the top.

3) Visit this Pepsi Refresh Everything Site to see all 10 partners in the group at once. The Kyrie Foundation will be at the top. It's just like the 
Okay, team, we really are the little charity that could here. So the friends who you know haven't voted yet? October 20 is the day to help them change that.

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