Friday, October 15, 2010


16th PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO exciting to see what a group who cares enough to click can do!! Two things to note:
1) The company I work for, EK Success Brands, just posted this on their Facebook Page:

Megan Thome, EK Success Brands Media Manager, is passionate about more than just our Brands, in 2007 she and her husband started the Kyrie Foundation, raise research funds to cure pediatric brain cancer. On October 1st, she got word the Kyrie foundation qualified for Pepsi’s October Refresh
Everything $250K competition! To help support Megan and this great cause, we’re asking that you Post to support this charity.

It’s EASY, for every individual post we get between October 15th and October 22nd, we will donate $1 to the Kyrie foundation (up to $1500). If 1,000 people post to our page this week, we’ll donate $1,000.

Please visit to find out more about the Kyrie Foundation and to vote for this charity in the Pepsi Challenge. Spread the word, encourage others to post to our page, and help us raise money for this great cause.

AND ... they've posted it to their Spotted Canary Facebook page, too! So what does this mean? Post a comment on either or both of their Facebook pages, and they'll donate $1! Plus, they're encouraging new Pepsi voters, and you can, too!

2) The Easter Bunny/Frosty/Dorothy has initiated

Wednesday, October 20 as
"Go Kyrie, Go Day!"

Ask everyone who has one to wear their Kyrie t-shirt…
either from a Crop, Twilight Walk, Golf Klassic, Hit for the Cure, 50K Grant, etc.

On that day have lots of posters/flyers with you and
Give each person several flyers.
Ask them to keep one for themselves and pass on the others.

Would you like to participate with me in
"Go Kyrie, Go Day!" ?!?!

Susan Jae

You can access and print flyers from our earlier blog posts. SO GREAT TO SEE THIS SUPPORT TO SAVE THESE CHILDREN!!!!!!! Keep voting for us and our Pepsi voting partners here!

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