Saturday, October 30, 2010


You just never know. ;)

That's what one of our veteran voting partners told us. Votes get audited. Ideas get investigated. And there has been game-changing, last-second changes in past months. So ... Like I mentioned ideas have voting strategies of their own this weekend, so if you're at a party, can you get everyone to text? Or send out a Happy Halloween e-mail with the treat being to cure kids with brain cancer?

Remember, you can give 3 votes per day:
1) Text 103447 to 73774 (Pepsi's mobile number)
2) Visit Pepsi Refresh's FB page and click "go to application" to vote.
3) Go to

AND PLEASE keep voting The Kyrie Foundation today and tomorrow! Plus, our friends and St. Michael's really need our help. They were at #1 int he $50K category for weeks then slipped to #2. Today we see them at #3! That's how quickly things can happen.

Please visit St. Michael's site to vote ALL 3 WAYS for them, us and our partners!

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