Monday, August 15, 2011

It's a great Monday to tell someone about the Twilight Walk!

So in about a month, I hope that you and a couple of your favorite people will join me at Bishop Carroll High School for the 4th annual Kyrie Foundation Twilight Walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you sign up today, you'll register on a page that looks similar to this:

We have been so truly blessed this year to have had so many people offer to help out, say "yes" to sponsorship and decide to take the fundraising challenge. Each year as this event draws near, I think about my favorite part of the event. It's the moment when the balloons are drifting away in the sky, shrinking before our eye, and the music strikes a cadence that begins the first lap. I am awestruck and gobsmacked at the sight of so many people decided to spend their Saturday evening helping families they've never met, hopefully fighting a disease they've never had to see. Amazing to me.

We're going to post later this week about some of the exciting stuff that has been developing for this year's walk, but today, today, we'd love for you to invite just one other person to join you that night. The more the merrier, and the faster we get to a cure!

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