Monday, August 29, 2011

Sponsors make it possible!

Our Twilight Walkers and our sponsors mean the world to us. It takes a lot of effort, time and ideas to make something like this happen every year. We are 100% volunteer; this is what we all do because we care enough about really, truly making a difference. And the thing is ... we are. We are doing something and that is a 1,000,000% more than doing nothing. We've just sped up the research and shaved time off the wait for a cure. You, your friends, your family, your co-workers, your businesses—you've made the world a better place.

Bishop Carroll High School
To have such a beautiful facility so centrally located is a true blessing for this event and for the foundation. Thank you, BCHS, for making this annual event possible!!

It's really important for companies that turn into corporations to keep a sense of humanity. Pratt certainly does that each year with their much-need sponsorships!

One of the most difficult tasks for any event is getting the word out. We are so grateful to KZSN for their help to spread the word!
We love Bill! He's a wonderful person who has been a true gift to the Twilight Walk each year. If you need someone talented and kind to make the most of your party music, Bill is the one!

We are deeply indebted to Kruse Corp. and the talented Danny Schneider for the stunning Kyrie Foundation grill. Think of them as you dig into a burger or hotdog that night!

We're so happy to have Materials Girls Quilt Shoppe as a new 2011 official sponsor! There is love and creativity put into every stitch of this fabulous fabric venue.

So happy to have Wire-Rite in our camp! And we've heard other business appreciate their good work as well.
Pepsi has made it possible to hydrate hundred and hundreds of Kyrie Foundation supporters over the years. And, of course, the great run we had last fall for the Pepsi Refresh Project!

We've received so many compliments on our volunteers' grillin' skillz, but we're happy to share the love with Cargill, the business that makes it possible to grill anything at all!

This year will be the year I will finally get my time in the massage therapy chair! A round of applause for all the muscles that will be relaxed thanks to Heritage College massage therapy students.

With energy costs climbing and climbing, it's good to know that there's a good company that can help ... and they also care enough to help children and families by sponsoring this year's walk!

New this year! The great people Firefly yoga studio helped sponsor this year's walk and selected the Kyrie Foundation as the beneficiary of their fundraising runway event!

Kirk & Becky Rundle Family
How humbled we are when a family sponsors an event to help other families. A true testament to support and togetherness, huge thanks Rundle family!

What a consistent source of support Art's & Mary's has been to the Kyrie Foundation! We love that these crunchy tater chips are all natural, so when you have a choice for a family snack, this is the one!
 Wonderful thanks to the Brad Woody Agency of American Family Insurance! We, too, believe that families need to be protected from calamity. Thank you, Brad Woody Agency!

Fantastic new sponsor this year! Keeping things cool in the summer and warm in the winter, just how families should be. Thanks, Midwest Mechanical!

If you're looking for a nice place to take a rest, look no further than the Mattress Hub! Supporting the Twilight Walk for years now, we are thrilled to have them as a sponsor this year.

 Once again Rubbermaid has generously donated items that make family life more organized ... and easy to clean! We are so grateful to have them sponsor the Twilight Walk in ways that we could never do by ourselves.

From farm families to your family, we are grateful to Farmland for supplying grillables for the big event. Thank you so much, Farmland!

What wonderful event supplies and a super-fantastic gift package donated by Coleman! We are so grateful for their generosity.

We love it that such a popular place for family fun support keeping families together. Big thanks to West Acres for supporting healthy little brains!

It's so exciting when businesses "get it," when they realize what it is that we're trying to do and help in whatever why they can. Thank you, Best Buy, for your generosity this year!

Jayhawk Oil Supply
We love it when Kansans help Kansans! A big thank you to Jayhawk Oil Supply for their generous sponsorship this year. A true example of why this is called The Heartland.

Asset Insurance Consultants
So grateful to Asset Insurance Consultants, a brand new sponsor for 2011! We agree that all that has value needs extra-special care.

Justin McClure TV
We are profoundly grateful to Justin McClure and his benevolent team for their time and talent donated to make the Kyrie Foundation's first-ever commercial, debuting the night of the Twilight Walk!

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