Thursday, September 1, 2011


Is it possible that 6 years have flown by?

Last week, I discovered a few photos from six years ago this time. What a feeling of joy to see this tiny pink bundle named Kyrie! Jordan and Lacie look so young in these photos. I can see time now when I look through these images. Sometimes that feels okay, sometimes not.

In each breath today, gratitude for her existence. Such deep gratitude that she brought all of you here into this crusade to save children. Gratitude for growth, for fortitude, for courage. Gratitude that this is not the end. Gratitude that love never dies.

Let's celebrate 6 together. I hope you'll come September 17 to celebrate this journey with us.

Happy 6th birthday, sweet baby Kyrie! You are still the gift with each birthday that arrives—the gift to your parents, your family, your community and your friends all over the world who are fighting brain cancer. Know that we miss you so much. We hope that furry, little Moe, made it to you last week in time for your birthday today. He missed you a lot, too. We love you always.

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